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The A1 armature has a smooth surface. It comes in three main flavors:

Thermally hardened.
Wire rod.
Strengthened by drawing method
In production, two types of steel are used — carbon and low-alloy.

The main area of ​​use of the A1 reinforcement is a round metal rod. The product differs in diameter — from 6 to 40 mm.

The product is used for concrete reinforcement. Smooth reinforcement is poured with concrete. After that, the finished product becomes stronger, withstands heavy loads, does not crack or crumble.

In the list of advantages:

Corrosion protection.
Resistance to aggressive environments.
Resistance to heavy loads, tension.

Hot-rolled steel hexagon 19 is a type of high-quality rolled metal, the workpiece of which has the form of a hexagonal polygon in cross-section. It is made of various grades of steel — alloyed, high-alloyed and carbonaceous. The size of the hexagons is considered to be the diameter of the circle inscribed in the cross-sectional size.

Hot-rolled steel hexagon 19 is used mainly for the manufacture of nuts, bolts, hardware and other fasteners. These products are widely used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and the aviation industry.